Monday, 7 September 2015

Writing and Uni...

So I have literally 2 weeks to go till I start University! Getting quite nervous now! I have bought the books, I've got my timetable and now I'm ready to go. I first applied for Uni back in February and since then it hasn't really felt real that I would actually be going but when I received my reading list I thought, "Okay this is really real now!!" Going on this course is a humongous step for me as when I left education 3 years ago I never thought I would get the opportunity to go back.

I love writing and reading but particularly over the past couple of years my writing has taken a whole new direction. It isn't just about writing it's more than that, it's become a way to express myself, it's unlocked my heart. I have written in and from some of the most painful experiences and in doing so the joy has been even greater when I started to move from that season of pain, of wilderness to that of abundance, of God's promises and of His revelation of Truth.

I am going to University to bring another experience of stepping out in this new season of restoration. I am hoping I will gain new tools for writing and grow in confidence. One of the modules I will start next year will be Creative Writing which I am super excited about. So I shall try and keep up blogging posts here and there about my experiences at Uni!

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