Saturday, 15 November 2014

New Year...

As 2015 approaches my thoughts always drift to New Year's Resolutions. At this time of year I always find myself reflecting. Looking back over all the circumstances, situations and where God has led us...

2014 has been a year full of so many great blessings yet not without the rain of pain...I have much to wonder at and much to be in awe of. I now have entered a new year of my life - my 22nd year. My 21st year was abundant with learning, finding myself and who I am and most importantly finding where I belong and where I fit! I have entered my 22nd year with a feeling of security such as I have never felt before. 

Now with 2015 a fresh year ahead I feel that New Year's Resolutions are not enough (I never keep them all anyway!) I want more than that, a deeper feeling and something that I can really connect with. So I read somewhere about using a theme for the year rather than resolutions. So my theme for 2015 is gratitude. I want to write posts as often as I can relating all the things I am grateful for and bringing as much gratitude into our lives. 

I have spent a year in the waiting room, waiting for the next chapter or season of my life. Yet in that time I have been missing what is going on in my life now! I have been blind to see what God is doing for me and my husband every day. 

Gratitude is a choice we make, a choice to 'clothe ourselves' with thankfulness. It is a mindset which needs to be in every Christian's lives. Yet many of us struggle to be thankful especially in times of storms and seasons of waiting. 

So 2015 will be washed with thankfulness. 2014 was a year of pain but let this new year be a year of gain... 

"Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures for ever!"  ~Psalm 107:1 

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